Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Ministry Update



As February drew to a close we announced that we would like to do a singspiration on March 8th. Most of our people had never heard of that before and on person couldn’t remember the term so instead called it a sing-a-long. It was certainly a new concept for our people but it was well received.


Missionary Harold Pierce

Harold Pierce who serves with Armed Forces Baptist Missions presented his work with those who serve in our armed forces. It was encouraging to hear how he is continuing to labor with our veterans and provides specialized counseling for those who have PTSD.




Visit From Family

Becca’s sister Amanda was able to spend a week with us during March. It was a big encouragement to Becca to get some projects done around the house.


New Faces

We are continuing to get new people showing up at our church. I’m in the process right now of discussing membership with two different family units. We also have had several make decisions for Christ lately that have been very exciting.

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Thanks so much for your prayers and support,

Jason, Becca, Elizabeth, Andrew, & John Miller

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