Friday, June 30, 2017

The Need for Power

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Song and the Spirit

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

May 2017 Update

Spring is in Full Bloom

How wonderful it is to see God’s creation coming into full bloom! The trees are getting their leaves and the spring flowers are starting to bloom beautifully. What an awesome Creator we have! And while this is going on all sorts of baby animals are being born. This year Jason was able to accompany myself and the kids to the other Miller’s branding. It was fun to have him along and as usual he got teased a little from the others who have been there before. What a blessing to be a blessing to the families in our church while working hard and having fun! And James who is now 9 months old is trying many new and fun things. He definitely loves to be mobile and really loves to be outdoors. James has even found a way to let himself out the door into the back yard. He is such a smart, handsome little boy!

Ministering to Moms

            This year we were able to honor our moms again on Mother’s Day. The kids and I were able to plant two of each various types of flowers in containers for each of the ladies and girls that attended that day! We also did little bags of chocolates to go with the flowers. We had a great group of ladies and girls there for Mother’s Day.
It wasn’t long until one of our church members approached me about doing a Pie Night where we could spend some time-sharing pie and thanking the Lord for what He has done. Many people came out for the event and like other events, it allowed many people who would be on the fringes of our church to come and get to know more of who we are. Two to three families have started coming around the same time as we started doing more of these events and the times of fellowship and interaction have been great opportunities.

Members Taking Ownership

          This month has also seen spring cleaning and much beautifying of the property God has given us! We were able to get some much-needed cleaning done at the church. And while there is a need to clean it’s also nice to have the outside beautified. One of our ladies has volunteered each year to do the flowers under the church sign and this year it turned out beautiful once again! It is such a blessing that others share the responsibility of the ministries of church.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support,
Jason, Becca, Elizabeth, Andrew,  John, and James Miller