Monday, September 10, 2012

A Challenging Devotional


Acts 9:20–43

As Christians, we might be tempted by the lure of invisibility—the fabled cloak or ring that gives us the power to walk undetected among our friends or enemies. Although it is true that “making much of God” means making little of ourselves, we sometimes use this truth as an excuse to avoid proclaiming God’s work in our lives. Living under the radar is much more comfortable.

Paul never chose the comfortable route. As a former persecutor of the Church, Paul knew the danger of preaching Christ in the open—the chief priests had once empowered him to imprison all who publically professed Christ (Acts 9:14). Yet as a new convert, Paul loudly proclaimed the name of Christ to anybody within hearing distance: “And he was going in and going out among them in Jerusalem, speaking boldly in the name of the Lord. And he was speaking and debating with the Greek-speaking Jews, but they were trying to do away with him” (Acts 9:28–29).

Most of us know that life as a Christian won’t be a life of ease. But what is our image of a life of ease? Is it overstuffed chairs, butlers, and bulging bank accounts? Is it remaining silent when we should confess the name of Christ? Or is it judging from afar when we should be coming alongside people in their pain and brokenness? If we follow Paul’s brazen example, we will boldly and wisely share Christ in every possible circumstance.

Are you choosing invisibility? How can you boldly and wisely proclaim Christ?


John D. Barry and Rebecca Kruyswijk, Connect the Testaments: A Daily Devotional (Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software, 2012).

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wonderful Friends And Family

The last two weeks have absolutely flown by. My Mom, Dad, and Brother all came to spend a few days with us for Labor Day. They enjoyed seeing the kids and us. On Wednesday they headed back for home and within a few hours a group from Douglas Baptist Church showed up to see the ministry here and then visit the Oregon Trail Ruts and Register Cliff. After our afternoon Bible Study Becca and I loaded the kids into the care and headed for Douglas. At the Missions Conference we were excited to see Ed Bossell and his wife Ruby. My home church Adelphi has supported them for years as well as taken many missions trips to their work.


After fellowshipping with several of the missionaries afterwards we spent the night in Douglas and then drove to Casper on Thursday. We needed to pick up supplies for an upcoming workday at the church. As we did our shopping at Menards and Wal-Mart I was amazed at the absolute at the provision of God. We are only able to go to the big cities about once a month so we are not able to take advantage of many of the sales. As we shopped many of the items we needed were on sale. As I picked through the electrical department at Menards I picked up a few items that were not on sale but when I turned the items over to read the descriptions saw that they had been discontinued and the price was drastically reduced. God had given me many tokens for good on Thursday and I although I was exhausted by the end of the day I was very encouraged.

On Saturday afternoon Pastor and Donna arrived in Guernsey and we were excited to see them and show them around town. Our people thoroughly enjoyed Pastor’s preaching and Donna’s friendly conversation. We had at least one visitor come just to hear Pastor and we hope to see him more often. Please continue to pray for the work here and for God’s hand of blessing on our lives.