Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Ministry Update

December 2015

Harvest Dinner

About four years ago now we started doing a Harvest Dinner as a way to reach out into our community around Thanksgiving. The first year we had the Harvest Dinner at the church but because it was so crowed we decided to do it at our local Senior Center. Since we have moved the dinner to the Senior Center we have seen more people from our community showing up for the event. Each year we have had between 40-50 people and this year was no exception. Please pray as we follow up with those who came to the dinner.

Hospital Visits

This month I have made several trips to Denver to visit a family in the hospital. Melody had developed a blood clot in her brain and she was life lighted to Denver from Scottsbluff. The doctors are not sure if the blood clot caused the swelling or if the swelling around the clot caused the blood clot. She is just regaining the ability to perform normal tasks but even simple things have become hard. Please pray for Melody and her family.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support,

Jason, Becca, Elizabeth, Andrew, & John Miller


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