Monday, January 30, 2012

Western Update

Our trip out west has already been a wonderful experience. We arrived safely at the prophet chamber on the Lancaster's ranch in Glendo, WY. The Lancaster's are members at Douglas Baptist Church and have a heart for missionaries serving the Lord. After settling in on Saturday we got a good night's sleep and were ready for Sunday.

On Sunday (January, 22) we had a wonderful service at Oregon Trail Baptist Church in Guernsey, Wy. Including our family there were 12 and several of those who were there don't regularly come to church. We visited Douglas Baptist Church that night where Pastor Phillips had kept the people in touch with the ministry in Guernsey and the people there were very excited to see us. It was evident that they had been praying for the church in Guernsey as well as for our family.

During the week we were able to visit and meet many people. Pastor Phillips introduced us to some other pastors in the area an we had a wonderful time out to lunch with his staff. We also on Saturday visited a young family who we remembered from last time we were here. They were more than glad to invite us in and spend a long time talking to us. The highlight during the week was the Bible study on Wednesday when 6 ladies showed up eager to study God's Word. They were active with questions and even helpful by adding their own illustrations. We also on Wend say met the Driskell family who has been holding the Wednesday Bible studies and filling in on some Sundays.

Brother Driskell is the Program Director for Camp Grace and had been a pastor in Wheatland for many years. His teenage daughter Nicole attached herself to Elizabeth and they were soon friends.

Sunday (January, 29) also went very well. There were 11 adults and 6 children including our family there for the services and Becca took the children for Jr. Church. One of the faithful ladies had her husband come who had not been to church for some time. After Church we were invited out for dinner where we were able to have some good fellowship with the church people. For the evening service we were invited to Douglas Baptist Church to preach and afterwards they had a time of food and fellowship so they could get to know us.

We want to express our thanks for those who have been praying for us. The Lord has truly blessed our trip out here and we have seen His hand at work already.




Sunday, January 22, 2012

After a smooth trip out west we had a good nights rest and were read for today. Services went well and there were 12 people in church including us.