Thursday, April 13, 2017

Ministry update

Moving from winter to spring

During the last few years, our church has had its ups and downs in many ways. While finically in 2015 we were really high, in 2016 we were much lower. As a result, the budget was very tight and at the end of 2016. God provided for our family during this time in amazing ways. In 2014-2015 I took care of snow removal for about 6 properties but in the 2016-2017 God provided about 14 properties to take care of which had a huge impact on our personal finances. As we transfer into spring, I hope things will slow down so I can spend some more time with church related activities.

Fellowship opportunities

Coming into 2017 I was burdened to provide more opportunities for our church body to fellowship with each other. I started a loose schedule of a fellowship activity about every two months. The first activity was simply a meal together where I encouraged our people to stay around and share some time together by playing board games and chatting. During that meal and game time, my heart was stirred as I listened to a couple of church families sharing personal stories with each other that somehow were related to what I had been preaching. I watched and listened as they shared stories of faith in their own lives and thought to myself that this needs to happen more often.

It wasn’t long until one of our church members approached me about doing a Pie Night where we could spend some time-sharing pie and thanking the Lord for what He has done. Many people came out for the event and like other events, it allowed many people who would be on the fringes of our church to come and get to know more of who we are. Two to three families have started coming around the same time as we started doing more of these events and the times of fellowship and interaction have been great opportunities.