Thursday, October 27, 2011

Uganda Update 5

I Felt Great But The Natives Pulled Out Their Parkas (10/27/11)

This morning when I got up it was very cool. It was a rainy all morning and we had got a good amount of rain last night. I thought it felt very nice but for those who have never lived in a climate where it gets below freezing the students all had their heavy coats out. Yes, they have those over here as well as mittens, gloves, and scarfs.
It was the children's last day of school before Christmas break so Sam and I ran a game time for them. It was extremely fun watching the children run through the field and splashing water all over as they ran the various relay races we had for them. My wife took many pictures and videos of the event and the children had a great time.
I spent my morning mostly grading projects and papers. I had fallen behind and I wanted to get everything caught up before the test tomorrow. In class we reviewed for the test and I trust the students will do well tomorrow.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Uganda Update 4

Town, Trials, And The Tailor (10/17/11)
This morning Becca wanted to go to town again. We had a few things to get as well as we wanted to get Levi Moss something for his birthday today. We picked up the hat that the tailor had made for us and it was supposed to be for Becca but when she tried it on it was too small. He had not yet finished the second hat so we were told to come back in the afternoon. While we were in town we bought little mirrors for the ladies who work here. On Sunday Becca saw one or two of the ladies trying to see how they looked in the mirrors of the truck. The mirrors were very cheap in fact we paid less than a quarter a piece for them but they will be greatly appreciated Jewell said. We plan on giving them as Christmas presents just before we leave. The simple things that we take for granted can be a great blessing here. It sure teaches you to be thankful for the things God gives.
My students underwent a major trial today. It was the midterm. It took most of them a full hour to take it but after looking at some of them I think they did a pretty good job. Obviously, some did better than others but I have not yet graded the verses portion of the test.
After class Becca and I took the kids to go back to the tailor. The tailor is in Dubai which is the closest town to us. We walked for about 45 minutes to get to the tailor. He had finished the second hat and this hat fit Becca. Elizabeth had already latched on to the first hat as if it was hers so I guess she gets it. It is a little big for her but she should grow into it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Uganda Update 3

Christmas Shopping, Court Case, and An Unwanted Critter (10/11/11)

This morning Becca and I went to town with Brother Wright. Becca wanted to do some Christmas shopping for family as well as get some things for our display table when we return. While we were in town Brother Wright was told by a police officer that he recognized that there was a court case for him today. This court case was different than the land dispute and Brother Wright had not even been told about it. About one year ago some of the clan from across the road came and attempted to stone Jewell and they took it to court back then. One person threw a rock but no damage was done. Apparently, today was the defense attorneys turn to defend his case. In the end it was only postponed again.
Tonight after supper the Wrights were getting ready for bed. Soon to their surprise they found a shrew in their bathroom. After a game of cat and mouse or should I say man and shrew we managed to hit the thing enough with the bristles of the broom to disorientate him. We then swept him into a bucket and found one of the kittens to take care of the rest. Before you knew it there were two kittens and a shrew in a bucket. Those kittens sure know what to do J.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Uganda Update 2

Back To School (10/3/11)

School started to day and the students were very excited about the new classes. They had a lot of good questions about the class and their projects and I look forward to working with them.

An Ironic Invitation (10/2/11)

Today went very smoothly. The church services went well and there were several visitors who were here for the revival meetings. After the morning service we had lunch and then went to visit the neighbors across the street. Yes, those are the neighbors who are involved in the court case over the land. They wanted to see the Wright’s visitors and so we all went over and Brother Wright preached to them. He explained that the man who invited us over had not been hostile like his brothers have been. Who knows what our little ministry over there will do in their hearts.