Tuesday, November 29, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

We are settling back in at home in Iowa now and truly there is no place like home. Elizabeth and Andrew have enjoyed playing with Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle Jared. Becca and I have been sick and now everyone else is getting sick. It is so nice to be at home when you are sick.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Uganda Update 9 (The Last Update)

The Flight (11/22/11)

Today was an incredibly long day. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 3:10am and we were to arrive in Chicago the same day at about 3:30pm. We fit about 22 hours of flying and airports into about 12. Our first flight was delayed by a couple of hours so we were in a rush when we arrived at Istanbul. When we got off the plane Elizabeth lost her lunch while we were waiting for the stroller. When we boarded the next flight she did it again before we left the terminal. Needless to say the flight from Istanbul to Chicago was riddled with Elizabeth losing her lunch all over the seat and me. I spent about three hours in the bathroom with her trying to help her feel better. Landing in Chicago was never so sweet.
Thank you all for your prayers and support. We look forward to catching up with everyone now that we are in America.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Uganda Update 8

On The Road Home (11/16/11)

Our morning was filled with last minute preparations for leaving and around noon we pulled out headed for Kampala. I know Kampala isn't home but it is the first stop on our way there. We are planning on spending a few days there to get an idea of prices and what is available. We watched the oil very carefully on the truck because we still have an oil leak. At one point we stopped for fuel and the truck didn't start right away. Our trip was slowed down a bit but we finally made it to Kampala. Sam said he counted 101 speed bumps between Aura and our hotel in Kampala.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Uganda Update 7

More To Do… Always More To Do (11/8/11)

For most of the morning it poured down rain. Becca and I laminated some flashcards for Jewel and started packing up some of the things we don't need any more. In the afternoon when the sun dried things up Sam put mortar over the electrical conduit we ran yesterday. It seemed like the day absolutely flew by and it won't be long until we will be flying home.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pictures From Uganda

Tonight we are staying at a home that has high speed internet... WOW... We also have electricity  and hot water! When we return home to the states I plan on reworking all of the posts I've sent so that they have pictures on our blog but for now I thought I could just post some pictures for all to enjoy.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Uganda Update 6

Time Will Tell… Time Will Tell (11/1/11)

Early this morning the truck showed up to pick up the students and their families. They packed everything imaginable onto the truck. There were two families who were not coming back but the way the other family's packed we're not sure if some of them are planning on returning or not. It was sad to see them go and if some don't come back it will be even more heart breaking. They all piled on their goods and then sat on top of everything and hung on. There were plastic jugs and bicycles hanging off of the back of the truck and it was really quite a sight.
Brother Wright called one of the students while they were traveling and found that they had some complications on the way. They had stopped for a break to have tea and one of the children threw a corn cob out of the truck. It happened to hit a man on a bicycle and he got very upset. As they tried to apologize and calm him down he beat up 1-3 of the students. Before long the police were involved and they demanded money from the students or they would not release the truck. From my understanding they paid the money and were able to go on their way. We trust they all made it safely.
The rest of the morning Becca and I spent preparing for our trip tomorrow and in the afternoon we took a walk through some of the property to get a better idea of what is around here. I guess we both had a little exploration we wanted to make sure we did before we left. Becca wasn't so keen on walking through the tall grass and I assume that is because the snakes like to hide in there. We went all over and didn't see anything dangerous. At least, we didn't see anything that we thought would be dangerous.
Here are some things you could pray about...
1.       Safe travel tomorrow (That is not a given over here.)
2.       Health (The Moss boys are sick and we don't want our kids to get sick just before we fly back)
3.       Empowerment (I will be preaching tomorrow night)
Thanks so much for your prayers and support. It means so much to us that we have people praying for us. Today we received a nice card from the Kimballs as well as one from my parents. It was delightful to read the cards and they were very encouraging. If you are planning on communicating with us from now on you might want to do it by email. The mail takes about 4 – 6 weeks to get here and if you mail something now it just might not get here in time. Thank you to all who have sent cards and please continue by responding to the emails or visiting our blog (jasonandbeccamiller.blogspot.com) and posting a comment.
Thanks again!!!