Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Uganda Update 9 (The Last Update)

The Flight (11/22/11)

Today was an incredibly long day. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 3:10am and we were to arrive in Chicago the same day at about 3:30pm. We fit about 22 hours of flying and airports into about 12. Our first flight was delayed by a couple of hours so we were in a rush when we arrived at Istanbul. When we got off the plane Elizabeth lost her lunch while we were waiting for the stroller. When we boarded the next flight she did it again before we left the terminal. Needless to say the flight from Istanbul to Chicago was riddled with Elizabeth losing her lunch all over the seat and me. I spent about three hours in the bathroom with her trying to help her feel better. Landing in Chicago was never so sweet.
Thank you all for your prayers and support. We look forward to catching up with everyone now that we are in America.

Fellowship With The Joyners And Flight Out (11/21/11)

Today we spent the day fellowshipping with the Joyners. They showed us their church and talked about the work here in Entebbe. They also took us to a place that had many reptiles, mostly snakes, to see. The goal is to set up a place here in Uganda where anti-venom can be made for Ugandans. When we returned to their home we took our last showers before getting on the plane and rearranged some of our luggage to prepare to fly.

Lord's Day In Kampala (11/20/11)

Today we visited a church in Kampala in the morning, ate lunch and then headed for Tim and Jeannette Joyner's house in Entebbe. Mr. Joyner would take the Wrights and the Mosses to the airport to leave and we would spend the night and depart the next day.

You're Overloaded… Go On Through (11/19/11)

Today Jewell wanted to take Nicole and my wife to get their toe nails done in the mall. It is very cheap over here and my wife has never had one done before. Sam headed off with his boys to the play area and Brother Wright took a bodaboda (bicycle taxi) across town to deliver some papers to his lawyer. This left me with Andrew in a carrier hanging in front of me, Elizabeth buckled in the stroller, and the backpack loaded with the diaper bag and camera bag. I made my way through the mall looking at prices and comparing them to America. Many of the larger stores have guards that scan you with a metal detector as you enter. As I walked up to the entrance the guard just waved me on and said, "You're overloaded… just go on through. After looking around I took Elizabeth up to the playground and she played for a while before the ladies returned. After lunch Brother Wright stopped to get the tires changed on the truck and then we headed back to our hotel to get some rest before we all make the long journey home.

Two Days In Kampala Blurred Into One (11/17-18/11)

Brother Wright took the truck to the mechanic for repairs. It seemed like there were many problems that needed fixed. Before he took the truck to the mechanic he dropped us off at a mall where we could do some looking around. It was a little funny when we saw Christmas decorations in the mall and even Christmas trees in the bookstore. As my wife and I looked around and took notes we found that almost everything a missionary needed could be purchased here. Some things were cheaper than the price in the states and others were a little more. Overall, the prices were reasonable enough here that it would not make a lot of sense to buy many things in America and pay to ship them over. Obviously, there are things that are worth bringing over but for the most part Kampala can be the missionaries Wal-Mart.

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