Thursday, November 17, 2011

Uganda Update 8

On The Road Home (11/16/11)

Our morning was filled with last minute preparations for leaving and around noon we pulled out headed for Kampala. I know Kampala isn't home but it is the first stop on our way there. We are planning on spending a few days there to get an idea of prices and what is available. We watched the oil very carefully on the truck because we still have an oil leak. At one point we stopped for fuel and the truck didn't start right away. Our trip was slowed down a bit but we finally made it to Kampala. Sam said he counted 101 speed bumps between Aura and our hotel in Kampala.

Packing To Go And Patiently Waiting (11/15/11)

Today Becca spent the day cleaning the apartment and packing to go home. I went with Brother Wright to town to get the truck repaired. He had several things to do so my job was to simply watch the mechanic. The labor is cheap over here but the likely hood that there will be some monkey business is very high. In the end I sat watching the mechanic from about 9am to 6pm and the mechanic didn't fix the oil leak. We plan on limping the truck along to Kampala and getting a good mechanic there.

An African Safari (11/14/11)

Early before the sun came up we loaded into the truck and headed for the national game park. We arrived at the park around 7am and began driving around. It was very enjoyable to see all the varieties of deer, giraffes, elephants, warthogs in the wild. We had planned on taking a boat ride up the Nile River but while we were driving we managed to bottom out the truck in about 3 feet of water. The check engine light came on and we noticed it was starting to leak oil so we decided that instead of taking a boat ride it would be better to head for home. If we needed to limp the truck home it would be much safer to do it in the day time than at night. On our way home there was a cobra that slithered across the road in front of us. That was the first snake we have seen during our entire stay. We made it back home safe and sound and we will take the truck in for repairs tomorrow. Praise the Lord we made it home safely.

Our Last Lord's Day In Arua (11/13/11)

Today we saw some fruit from yesterday's efforts passing out tracts on the side of the road. The very last man that Becca talked to before coming in came to the morning service. He went forward during the invitation and then sat down with Pastor Wright and a translator and listened to the gospel. After listening to the gospel he made a profession of faith and we hope it was sincere. In the afternoon everyone left to Arua to a new preaching point while Becca and I stayed back to watch all five of the kids. The evening service started without the Wrights and Mosses and after the service we were eager to hear what had happened. We were told that Sam preached the gospel and when he was done one of the pastors stood up and told him that most of the people did not understand Lubara. Sam was then asked to preach again so it could be translated into Swahili. What a wonderful opportunity they had and praise the Lord for His goodness today.

Our Last Trip To Town (11/12/11)

Today after prayer meeting we took our last trip to town. We intended to stay in town longer than usual to look around for the last time. We had been to the market but we wanted to look at some of the residential sections of town. Becca and I carried the kids through the market to pick up a few last minute items before leaving and then made our way to the technician who was working on my hard drive. When we finally found him he told me that he was unable to fix our hard drive.
When we turned on the generator tonight I did a little research and found that to fix our hard drive would cost around $700 or more. I have everything backed up before we came to Uganda but we have lost all of our pictures and video from our trip. It was kind of heart breaking but when I stopped to think about it all I lost was nothing compared to what I have. I have lost pictures of my children but I still have two healthy and happy kids. I may have lost some videos of my wife but I still have her love and affection. I may have lost media that reminded me of the experiences here but I still have the lessons God has taught me while being here. If the files are never recovered off of our hard drive that is fine. We still have so much to be thankful for.
In the afternoon we sat under the shade of a tree on the side of the road. As people went by we would pass them a tract and speak to them about the Lord. People eagerly accept tracts and agree with what you say but in the back of their minds they are still trusting in their good works. Please pray that the Lord would work through this stronghold.

Hard Drive Crash (11/11/11)

Last night after finishing the update my computer's hard drive crashed so I took it to a technician in town. Hopefully he can fix the problem. When I returned from town I helped Becca pack some things up to leave. We have much less luggage going home than we had coming here.
On a personal note... Andrew's second tooth has come in.

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