Thursday, December 12, 2013

What does Hebrew mean in Hebrew?

What does Hebrew mean in Hebrew? (Insight from Dr. Eli)
Way before we called the people of Israel “Jews” (which happened long after the Babylonian exile was over), the Bible called them “Hebrews”. The very first “Hebrew” was Abraham – the father of all those who believe.

But what does “Hebrew” actually mean in the Hebrew language?
The word "hebrew" comes from the verb LaAVoR, which means “to cross over.” On the one hand, Abraham crossed over from Mesopotamia (Modern Iraq) into Canaan, which is modern-day Israel. On the other hand, he crossed over from the world of idol worship that was familiar to him and his family to a new realm, one in which one true God was worshiped instead. In both senses Abraham became forever an IVRi (a Hebrew) – one who has crossed over....

After reading this short little article I couldn't help but ask the question, "Does my life reflect someone who has crossed over?" Have I crossed from the power of darkness to the power of light and can others tell. Have I crossed over from the materialism and idolatry of the world to a full and vibrant relationship with Christ?

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