Monday, October 22, 2012

Resting In The Lord

On Sunday we had an older couple join us for our services. I had met them in the spring just after Elizabeth was out of the hospital. I had spent a good deal of time talking to them at the Guernsey Senior Center and they had promised that one day they would show up and sure enough they did.

Sunday night I preached at Douglas Baptist Church for Pastor Phillips while he was at his home church in Ohio. His wife Bessie had been admitted into the Hospital with chest pains so after the services we stopped by to see her. The doctors have ran many tests but have been unable to identify any problems. Please keep here in your prayers.

This last week has also been a bit trying. Things can’t go well for long without catching the Devils attention and I was forced to face an issue head on. I had been up many nights previous praying about how the Lord would have me approach the problem and then afterwards I spent much time praying for the Lord’s working in hearts and lives. Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom as I continue to address and handle some of the situations at hand. At the same time I am excited to meet with a young man on Tuesday this week to discuss his salvation and church membership.

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