Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ministry, Missions, Money, And More…


National Hoops Ministries came to Douglas this last week to conduct a basketball tournament at which they would preach the Gospel. They came to Guernsey to recruit players at Guernsey Jr. High and High School. While at the school I was able to meet several of the local administrative staff and one even thought that I could get into the school and help out as a Pastor.

At the tournament I was able to talk with a Catholic family about the Gospel. They were spiritually sensitive but still seemed to be confused. After giving the gospel they thought that it was the same teaching that they were getting at the Catholic church. I was glad to get their information written down to pass along to a pastor in Casper where they were from.


The last couple weeks we have had some new visitors. One young man has offered to help out around the church. On Tuesday he came to church and helped me complete some of the projects to get the church ready for winter. Simply lending a hand is a big blessing.


This Sunday we voted to take on our first missionaries. I guess technically it is not our first missionaries but at least the first missionaries since I became the pastor. All missionaries had been dropped before I showed up and I don’t have any record of who the dropped missionaries were. The people decided to take on Marlin Driskell who serves as the director of Camp Grace and has stepped in and taught many of the Wednesday night Bible studies when there was no pastor here.


The Lord has abundantly blessed our church in the last month. No effort has been made to solicit outside support for our church and yet God has seen fit to bring funds our way. All the bills are paid and with the giving of our people and the outside support that has come in we will be making a $2,000 mortgage payment this month instead of $500. Although we are making a large payment we will still have some money in the bank as a buffer in case something happens.

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