Tuesday, July 31, 2012

VBS (Friday)

Our VBS went very well today! We had about 10 children but we also had between 6-7 adults who stayed for the program. It was very windy and looked like a storm might come but we never saw a drop of rain. The kids had a wonderful time and I preached a simple gospel message to conclude. This week we had one girl trust Christ as her Savior. Although she is not from here, she does live near Greeley, Co where the church that helped us is from. We passed her contact information along and are excited to hear about what happens as a result. In the next few weeks we will be following up on the contacts we have made. Please pray that the Lord would continue to use VBS to open doors in our community.

Sorry for posting this so late. After VBS I could not get an internet connection and then Elizabeth accidently damaged my laptop screen so it has been a little difficult to get online.

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