Monday, January 21, 2013

The Horse that was Established


horseThere was a little boy converted and he was full of praise. When God converts boy or man his heart is full of joy—can’t help praising. His father was a professed Christian. The boy wondered why he didn’t talk about Christ, and didn’t go down to the special meetings. One day, as the father was reading the papers, the boy came to him and put his hand on his shoulder and said: “Why don’t you praise God? Why don’t you sing about Christ? Why don’t you go down to these meetings that are being held?” The father opened his eyes, and looked at him and said, gruffly: “I am not carried away with any of these doctrines. I am established.” A few days after they were getting out a load of wood. They put it on the cart. The father and the boy got on top of the load, and tried to get the horse to go. They used the whip, but-the horse wouldn’t move. They got off and tried to roll the wagon along, but they could move neither the wagon nor the horse. “I wonder what’s the matter?” said the father. “He’s established,” replied the boy. You may laugh at that, but this is the way with a good many Christians.

D. L. Moody, D. L. Moody’s Child Stories Related by Him in His Revival Work, ed. J. B. McClure (Chicago: Rhodes & McClure, 1877), 106-09.

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