Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day and You'll Grow Grow Grow

The little children's song "Read Your Bible" has more truth than we all know. We often find ourselves so busy in life that we push our spiritual life to the edge as something we will get to later. The truth is our spiritual life is the core of life and what happens there translates to reality. I want to encourage everyone who follows our blog to spend time in the Word every day.

Here are some tools that I use to encourage me along in my Bible Reading.


This Website has a free audio Bible. The default Bible is the ESV but the KJV can be chosen as well as you can select if you want a dramatized version or a standard reading. It is by far the best dramatized version I have ever heard and it's FREE!!! The audio files can be downloaded and saved on your computer as well.

As part of My devotions each day I listen to the Bible being read while I read. It helps me get through some of the more difficult passages.

This tool is also very versatile. It works on PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, Android, and many other mobile applications. I don't but many people have smart phones and tablets so this is a great way to stay connected to the Word. I still just use a computer.

Faithlife Study Bible

Sometime this last year I started using this study Bible. I have found it very helpful and informative. As with any Study Bible or book I don't endorse or agree with everything, but I have found it very helpful and informative. One of the unique aspects of this study Bible is its social connection. It allows multiple people to read the Bible together and make comments that others can read. It also is Free... at least for now.
Please look for Oregon Trail Baptist Church and you can join our reading plans for the year 2013. You also can set up your own reading plan to make it through your Bible in a year.

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