Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update From Uganda

Catching up (9/24/11)

This morning started before the sun rose with Elizabeth waking up and having a hard time going back to sleep. She was hungry, thirsty, and needed to go to the bathroom and had a very hard time calming down. We gathered together at church at 8am and 5:30pm to pray for the ministries of the church.  After the prayer meeting we had breakfast and then we were preparing to go invite people to the Revival Meetings coming up next week. About that time some of the tribe that has been causing trouble came onto the land and Brother Wright needed to go get the police. Unfortunately, I don't think they even came. Becca and the children went to cluckinghen palace to see the chickens while I finished up some of the final preparation for my class. I think jet lag hit me hard today. Becca was up and around most of the day, but the kids and I were wiped out and slept for a good portion of the day. Please pray that the Lord would give us strength!

Unpacking (9/23/11)

Today was a wonderful day! We all met for breakfast and then Sam and I went with Brother Wright to the market to pick up supplies. Becca and Nicole both worked on unpacking and arranging the apartments. Sam and Nicole have their own apartment and we have ours. We are right next to each other and both apartments are part of the facilities that the Wrights have established. After supper the Wrights opened up the totes of supplies that were sent over to them. It was like watching a family open Christmas presents. I wish more Americans could see how simple things in life were so exciting to the Wrights. Many things that we take for granted in America are either very difficult or impossible to get over here. I believe it would encourage Americans to get to know their missionaries on a personal level and encourage them to give more if they were able to see what we saw tonight. By the way, the Wrights would always appreciate these three things walnuts, Velveeta cheese, and chocolate chips.

We Arrived! (9/22/11)

We arrived safely in Uganda Thursday morning around 3 am. The Lord was so good to us as we traveled. The kids didn't have any problems with their ears popping during takeoff and landing and for the most part they didn't make too much of a fuss on the plane. God gave us four seats for our flight from Chicago to Istanbul and then we had three seats from Istanbul to Entebbe. The flights were smooth and the layover was fine.  Marvin and Nate Wright met us at the airport and took us to our hotel in Kampala. Thank you so much to those of you who were praying for us. It is obvious that God has answered your prayers.
Later Thursday morning we met for breakfast withthe Moss family, Nate Wright, and Marvin and Jewl Wright. Our time in Kampala was filled with tying up loose ends such as exchanging money and picking up supplies. After getting everything ready to go we started the seven hour ride from Kampala to Arua. The road we traveled had recently been paved and for the most part was very nice. After unpacking all the luggage we gathered together for supper around some wonderful chili. We are now ready to crawl in bed and collapse. Please pray that the kids will adjust to the new time zone quickly. Last night Elizabeth had a very hard time going to sleep. Also pray for streangth and wisdom as we serve.
Thank you so much for your prayer and support!

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