Saturday, May 3, 2014

Divine Direction With A Soap Dish And Ebay

God is always in the business of guiding and directing His beloved children. All to often I don't note His guidance and direction, but I do want to note something that took place today. As I was preparing to preach today our friendsKarl and Cathy Steudl were coming along side and assisting us. Cathy had taken the kids to the park while Becca was preparing the house for more potential visitors and Karl  was preparing to install a gate in our chain link fence. Just after discussing with Karl where we would find another fence post for the gate we decided to go to the Auction Barn. In my own mind I still had a few options and wondered if we should go to the Auction Barn or somewhere else. As I walked into the house to get grab something before leaving, my phone alerted me that I had sold a soap dispenser on Ebay. The soap dispenser was in the Wyoming Products Store at the Auction Barn and I would need to go pick it up any way. That soap dispenser had been listed on Ebay for several months and what are the chances that it sold at the moment it did? We serve a God who is concerned with the details! He moved someone somewhere to buy that simple soap dispenser at just the right time to confirm for me the simple decision of getting a post from the Auction Barn. We were able to find exactly what we needed and know that we were walking a prepared path.

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