Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas, Exercise, Growth

Christmas With Family

This week Becca’s dad and two of her sisters were able to come and celebrate an early Christmas with us. They brought the kids some gifts and new pajamas. We had a lot of fun and then loaded their car up with Christmas gifts to take back to Minnesota for the rest of her family.

New Horizons Exercising

One of the new friends I made as a result of the funeral was a Master Sargent who works at the Armory in town. He is from a Southern Baptist background and looking for a church in town as well as he would like some personal discipleship. We are now meeting twice a week to work out and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with him. He feels that while he is being a personal fitness trainer to me in exchange for some spiritual guidance. Although I would be glad to provide spiritual guidance without any sort of compensation I feel privileged to have access to the base. It has already been a great way for me to meet some of the soldiers on base who are stationed here year round. Please pray that God opens more doors of opportunity and gives me wisdom as I minister.


Our attendance has been fairly steady for the last few months. We have averaged about 17 each Sunday but for the last month we have had between 20-23 people. Today we had one couple for the first time and another couple who had visited a few months ago. Please pray for continued fruit.

Outreaches To Pray About

Tomorrow Becca is hosting a Christmas Cookie Exchange for the ladies and next Sunday we will be having a Christmas Candle Light Service. Please pray that the Lord blesses our efforts and opens new doors of opportunity.

cookie ExchangeChristmas SErvice

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