Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Update On My Canning/Pickle Adventure!!!

My life used to consist of "making hay while the sun shined"... but lately it has been "making pickles while the cucumbers are fresh"! As many of you know fro my earlier post I have been canning lots of things...peaches. kiwi jam, cherries and pickles, pickles and more pickles:) Well here is the update...the  earlier post showed the first batch of pickles I did 48 pints (36 actual pints and 6 quarts) those were put in the pantry and here are the additional ones. 

On Monday I was able to 46 pints and 8 quarts...it started slow because I decided to make some the old-fashioned way (without Mrs. Wages) and it turned out to take longer than I anticipated even with Jason's help. I had hoped to be finished with pickles...but one must sleep sometime:) 

So back to pickles/the grindstone today (being Tuesday)...no more homemade ones...quick and easy Mrs. Wages Kosher Dill, which Jason wanted to try. I finished the last ones and ended up with 14 more pints and 2 quarts. So what you see in the photo is Monday's and Tuesday's pickles...so doing the math brings the total (from all days) head count to 96 pints and 14 quarts!!! There were several different kinds-Bread and Butter, Dill,Homemade Dill, Sweet and Kosher Dill...the sweet definitely smelled the best! I think that I am a little pickled myself:) I am still really not sure what I got myself into...:) That is the "official" update!!!

My surplus dwindled just a little:)

Andrew enjoyed helping Mommy!

Elizabeth did a good job keeping John happy!!

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