Friday, August 2, 2013

Awaiting God’s Timing

J. Oswald Sanders, missionary statesman, wrote of a time when he wanted a particular position very much. Having friends in positions of influence, he was about ask them to “pull strings” for him. But while walking down the main street in Auckland, New Zealand, turning the matter over in his mind, as he walked past His Majesty’s Theatre, Jeremiah 45:5 to his mind with tremendous authority. “I believe that was a real turning point in my service to the Lord,” Sanders later wrote. As a result, he did not seek the position, but it later opened to him on its own in God’s good timing.
           What may be my future lot,
           High or low concerns me not;
           This doth set my heart at rest:
           What my God appoints is best.

Robert J. Morgan, Nelson’s Annual Preacher’s Sourcebook, 2002 Edition. (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2001), 212.

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