Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Do you know the power of prayer

“Do you know the power of prayer, my beloved children? I have been praying forty years. One proof of the power of it is that I see you here before me. But every one of you might know a little of the power of prayer. And we know not to what an extent we may know of the power of prayer. Try it, try it, beloved children; you must begin in the right way. If on the ground of your own merit or righteousness you ask God for blessing, you will not get it. You must ask on the ground of the merits and righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is called in Scripture—asking in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You must first be yourself a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of your own soul. Then, further, the blessings for which you ask must be according to the mind of God. For instance, if any one of you were to ask for many bags of gold so that you might be able to do all your days without work, you might ask a long time without getting these bags of gold to enable you to spend your time in idleness. Prayer must be according to the mind of God. Further: you must have confidence in the power, in the love, and the willingness of God to answer prayer; this is particularly important. We have to believe God does hear us, and is willing to give us the blessing. Then, having asked, we must go on waiting upon God and looking for blessing till it comes. I never in my life, in this way, asked God for blessing without at last getting it; and I expect I shall never ask in this way without the blessing coming. And what God is willing to do for one He is willing to do for another. Have you had any answers to your prayers, my dear children? The answer to prayer brings great blessings to the soul. It makes one so happy when one gets answers to prayer. Ask yourselves,—How many answers have I had to my prayers? If you watch the hand of God you will easily find out if”
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