Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Clean the Floor with an Infant

Step 1 – Allow infant to spill mop bucket

2013-10-31 002

Step 2 – Allow infant to soak up water

Diapers can hold a lot of liquid

The warm water did not yet have a cleaning solution added.

2013-10-31 005

Step 3 – Slide bottom of child back and forth across dirty spots on the floor

(WARNING! – This step may result in the child laughing and thinking that you are playing some sort of game with him.)

2013-10-31 009

Step 4 – After cleaning up the floor,
the lake in the kitchen,
and changing the child's clothes
watch out for adverse side effects.

(In our case the side effect was some sort of ability to get into places he shouldn't)

2013-10-31 0112013-10-31 012

These side effects may also have come from the strange food he found lying on the floor.

2013-10-27 003
No children, animals, or parents were hurt or put in harms way in the making of this “Do It Your Self” instructional blog post.

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