Saturday, November 30, 2013

Buy The Truth At Any Cost

Jehovah Magnified: Addresses
“It is often said, for the sake of peace and union, we should not be very particular as to certain parts of truth; keep them back, and treat them as matters of no moment. I humbly state that I entirely differ from this view; for I do not see that such union is of a real, lasting, or Scriptural character. If it be truth, it is dear to the heart of Jesus—we are instructed in it by the blessed Spirit—it is found in God’s book; it is therefore of great value, and must be esteemed worthy of being carefully and jealously guarded. We are therefore, not at liberty lightly to esteem, undervalue, keep in the background (much less to give up) the truth, even for the sake of union. We have to buy the truth at any cost, but we ought not to sell it at any price, not even for our liberty or life.” via the Logos Bible Android app.
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