Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ministry Update

Figures Update

Just as most churches have high attendance on Easter and Christmas we are the same. On Easter Sunday we had 48 people in attendance including my parents who were visiting from Iowa. Numbers don’t mean everything concerning spiritual progress but it has been encouraging to watch our congregation grow. Last year we had an average of 18 people in each service. That number has risen this year to 20 and that includes a new family and young couple that have started to attend. Please pray that the Lord gives us wisdom as we move forward.

Family Update

As a body of believers when one believer suffers we all suffer with them. There seem to be several trials that our various church members are dealing with right now. Currently one of our church member’s husband is suffering from terminal cancer. They have been flooded with visitors from family and friends in the short time that remains. Please pray that the Lord would give strength during this time as well as show the rest of the body what we can do to be a help and encouragement.

Financial Update

This week we had our quarterly business meeting. I realized after the meeting that although our church people have been kept informed about our churches finical progress I have not shared that with those who follow our blog and pray for us. Here are some brief numbers that will show what God has been doing.image

  • On May 4th 2012 we owed $30,000 on our building and had until May 4th 2014 to pay (24months).
    • Our average monthly income was about $800 so the loan was set up at $500 mortgage payments with the remainder due with the last payment (a payment of about $ 18,594.09).
  • Currently we owe $13,909.25 and have paid $17,421.82.
    • That means we have paid 56% of our 2 year loan off in 1 year!
    • Our mortgage payment is $500 a month but on average we have paid $ 1,583.80 per month.
    • The extra payments have saved us $846.04 in interest so far.image
  • Our church has received support from other churches but 61% of our income is from our offerings.

In summery God has been consistently meeting our needs and paying our bills. We have done all we can to save but there is no way that we could as a church meet this need with out God’s hand of provision.

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