Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lessons From A Glass Of Milk

To say my kids love milk would be an understatement. If we let them they would still be taking milk to bed at nights and caring cups of milk around the house all day long. They are not yet old enough to tell the difference between skim, 1%, 2% and whole but one thing is for sure their favorite is chocolate milk.
This morning as we sat at the table and the kids finished up their breakfast both Andrew and Elizabeth wanted more milk. I myself wanted a drink of milk and so after pouring a glass for Elizabeth I proceeded to drink it before pouring another glass for her. The screams that followed was deafening. This scene has happened many times and I decided that it was about time I explain why she shouldn’t throw a fit when I drink her milk. I proceeded to explain to Elizabeth that right next to me was a whole gallon of milk and if I drank all of her milk there was plenty more that I could give to her.
After apparently understanding what I had said I repeated the process. I poured her a glass of milk and drank half of it. This time there was no screaming and she informed me, “Daddy I’m not screaming” as if this was a great accomplishment. I hope the lesson sticks but we shall see.
As I sat thinking about the glass of milk I realized that as believers we do the exact same childish thing. We have a need or a want in our life that we are looking to God to supply. It may be a financial need, or a physical need, or something we desperately want to see happen in someone’s life like salvation or surrender. Things begin falling in place, or so they seem, and we think our prayers are going to be answered or our need met and then all of a sudden everything that God was doing is turned on its head. We may never say this but we begin to doubt God and even accuse Him of being cruel because we feel He is dangling a carrot in front of us.
Oh how little we think our God is! God is not holding a carrot in front of us. He has an abundant store of good things that will never run out and He wants to give those blessings to us. Our problem is we want God to give us good things on our terms and on our time table. Faith is looking at what seems like the impossible and knowing that God can and will do it. The measure of our faith is how long we can believe with how little evidence. When Elizabeth saw the empty glass of milk she didn’t realize that all I had to do was to pour some more. Even if the milk was out of sight and in the refrigerator it was no hard task for me to supply her need.

When circumstances and events don’t seem to be what they should be do you lose faith or does your faith rest in God?

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