Monday, March 18, 2013

A Book Worth Reading…

folderI just finished reading A SPIRITUAL CLINIQUE by DR. A. T. PIERSON. It was a very good read and although the truths presented were very profound they were presented in a very practical way. The book addressed four areas where believers struggle. First, he deals with unsubdued sin in the believers life. Many believers who have experienced the joys of salvation become ensnared with sin and fail to continue in the joy of sanctification. Next, he deals with the reason that believers have unanswered prayers. Although prayer is the greatest tool and weapon that believers possess it seems to be the most difficult for us to embrace. Third, he addresses the persistent darkness that many believers face. There are times in every believers life that are best described by darkness. There are various reasons for the darkness that we should be aware of. Lastly, he deals with the habitual unbelief that believers have. Truth be known most believers are better doubters. Unbelief is a crippling sin that is at the very core of all spiritual trouble.

If you can get your hands on this short book it is defiantly worth a read.

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