Friday, February 8, 2013

Hope From Scripture

The more we really know the Bible, at first hand, before God, with the knowledge both of acquaintance and reverent sympathy, the more shall we be able with intelligent spiritual conviction, to “persist” and “be of good cheer” in the conviction that it is indeed not of man, (though through man,) but of God. The more shall we use it as the Lord and the Apostles used it, as being not only of God, but of God for us; His Word, and for us. The more shall we make it our divine daily Manual for a life of patient and cheerful sympathies, holy fidelity, and “that blessed Hope”—which draws “nearer now than when we believed.”
Handley Moule, The Epistle to the Romans (Fort Washington, PA: Christian Literature Crusade, 1975), 399.


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