Sunday, February 3, 2013

An Eventful Week

Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International

Pastor Gerry Robbins invited me to join him at the Rocky Mountain Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International  meeting. It was hosted at Westside Baptist Church in Greeley, Co. We enjoyed some good preaching and fellowship as we traveled together.

Visit From Family

A few hours after I got home on Tuesday afternoon from the meeting in Greeley Becca’s sisters Amanda and Sara showed up to both see the baby born as well as help out with watching the kids and housework.

Hospital Visits

At this point reading a heading like “Hospital Visits” many of you are thinking that we have made a trip to the hospital getting ready to have a baby. Although today was Becca’s due date, we have not been in the hospital for her. At least not yet. On Wednesday I came down with what felt like the flu but found out it was a viral infection. I drank about 4 liters of water Wednesday and by 9:00pm I was still dehydrated. We decided it would be best to go the hospital and the Wheatland hospital put 2 liters of IV fluid into me.

By Saturday night both Elizabeth and Andrew were sick and Becca’s sisters don’t feel so great either. Becca is the only one who has not gotten sick and we are praying that she stays healthy. The kids were sick enough that Becca took them to the hospital this morning and although they were gone we had good numbers today at church. We even had a visiting family from town. Please pray for good health and a healthy delivery for the baby,whenever it comes.

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