Wednesday, February 13, 2013

“Brother John” Scheduled To Be Induced Friday Morning

Although we have not announced a name yet, Elizabeth has already picked a nickname for her new brother. She calls him “Brother John.” After reading the nursery rhyme “Frère Jacques” or as we know it in English “Are You Sleeping?” she began to call her new baby brother Brother John. She will pat or point at Becca’s belly  and say, “That’s brother John.”
With that said, I don’t need to refer to him as "baby.”
Yesterday we were in Cheyenne, Wy for a checkup and both Becca and “Brother John” are doing just fine. They also scheduled to induce labor at 7:30 Friday morning. If you have been wondering why there have been no ultrasound pictures it is because we finally got some this week. We are planning on getting a hotel room and staying in Cheyenne since the weather looks bad.

Thanks for your prayers and support. We look forward to sharing pictures of “Brother John”

Baby Face
Baby Face2
Baby Footprint
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