Monday, January 14, 2013

Starting The Year Strong

As we rejoice over what God accomplished last year we press forward to the new year expecting God to work. We had between 20 to 21 present for our first two Sundays of this year. This last Sunday we had two first time visitors. I am continually reminded of my weakness and inability to meet the spiritual needs of our little community. This year, although it has started strong, will be an utter failure if God does not sustain the work. Please pray for us as we labor for the Lord here. Here are some specific areas that you can pray for..

  1. Pray for power in preaching
  2. Pray for divine appointments in our community
  3. Pray for guidance concerning housing
  4. Pray for spiritual growth in the lives of our immediate family as well as our church family
  5. Pray that as God works people will recognize that it is Him and not us
  6. Pray that God’s will would be accomplished this year
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