Tuesday, July 24, 2012

VBS (Tuesday)

After a hot day taking the visiting group to Guernsey State Park we prepared for VBS. Once again around 5-5:30 the clouds began to move in just like Monday. The weather online forecasted a 10% chance of rain for Guernsey; however, the clouds were telling a different story. Because we didn’t know what to expect we left half of the decorations on the trailers at the park and half set up at church. From about 5:30-6:00 it was raining cats and dogs outside. A few groups had gathered to pray for the rain to pass but it still came. The lightning was also very strong and several fire trucks left town with their sirens blaring as the raced toward the lighting strikes. All this took place as we were to be registering children.

As soon as the rain started to pour down I decided that there was no point in doing our VBS at the park with soaked grass and mud everywhere. Once again we were at church and this time we were better prepared for a indoor VBS. We had decorations up and the kids really enjoyed it. One little boy wanted to know about salvation. He saw that he was a sinner, but was easily distracted and not quite ready to make the decision to trust Christ.

Please pray earnestly against the work of the Devil. Elijah prayed that it would not rain and it didn’t rain for 3 years and when he prayed again it rained. Please pray that the Devils work will be hindered. We have had good VBS’s indoors but we believe that more kids will come if they see people in the park. Our VBS starts at 6 o’clock mountain time so if you can devote some time to prayer please pray for good weather from 5 – 8 o’clock (4-7 o’ clock central time). A storm before VBS will keep some away and a storm during VBS would be  a large disruption if we need to move.


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