Monday, July 23, 2012

Vacation Bible School This Week!

Ready Or Not Here We Go…

On Saturday we managed to completely canvas Guernsey with flyers announcing Vacation Bible School this week. We had many positive responses and on Sunday afternoon we covered Hartville and Fort Laramie. Please pray that the Lord will multiply our efforts. Most of the group from Greeley, Co will be arriving today around noon and then we will begin setting everything in order for Bible School. We face a few unique challenges that we would ask you to pray for.

  • Our VBS will be a the park and not at the church

We don’t have the facilities at the Church to handle VBS so the park about two blocks away is our best option. However, that means everything must be transported back and forth each night. It also means that we could potentially have distractions such as cars passing by and dogs running through the park (It is very common to see stray dogs running around town). Please the Lord would hinder Satan from distracting the children.

  • Today is our first meeting and everything is new to all the workers

With most of our help coming from various outside sources the whole Bible School is new to everyone. Please pray that the Lord would give me wisdom as I make last minute decisions as situations arise. Also, please pray that there would be a great unity between all the workers.

  • Children to come

What is Bible School without children? Please pray that children will come. We don’t have a large base of children in the church to depend on to be there so please pray that our flyers will draw people in. Please pray that the Lord gives us the right amount of children.

  • Spiritual Transformation

The theme of our Bible School is Bug Zone: Transformed by our Big God! Please pray that the children who come will have their lives changed. We want to see clear salvation decisions, as well as, I am praying that God would use the Bible School to transform our workers also. I am praying that this week would be a faith building venture for our church.

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