Monday, April 2, 2012

The Lord Is Good

Financial Answer to prayer

The Lord is clearly working on our behalf concerning our mortgage. The man selling the building has agreed to take about $6,700 off of the price, drop the interest rate by 2%, and extend the loan for another year. This does not completely take the burden off our church but it gives us a lot more breathing room. Praise the Lord for working behind the scenes and giving us favor with the man selling the building.

Two New Faces

On Friday I was informed that a lady would like to attend our church but because she is in a wheelchair she has been unable to come. So, on Saturday we made a trip to Wheatland where the nearest lumber yard is and got the supplies for a ramp. By sunset on Saturday we had everything in place. Sure enough on Sunday morning two ladies came down the street to attend church. One in a wheelchair and the other pushing a walker. They were both excited to be able to come to church. We had 15 this Sunday and we are praying that God would continue to bless.


Our First Month In Review

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