Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Good News, A Quick Update, And E-Cards

Good News

1. Elizabeth's platelet count is stable today
2. They took the line out of her artery (this was the line that constantly measured her blood pressure).
3. They took her off of the breathing machine yesterday and she is now on a normal oxygen supplement and doing fine.
4. She should get out of bed today and have some physical therapy
5. She should be able to eat and drink some today.


1. They have capped off the dialysis fluid for the next 4 hours to give her kidneys a chance to have a kick start and get back to work.
2. They plan on giving her some more blood today.

Sending Cards

I found out today that E-cards can be sent through the hospital for free. To send a personalized E-card that the hospital will print and deliver to her room visit

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