Friday, January 1, 2016

Miller Family update for January 2016

New Year

It’s hard to believe that the New Year is already here. As we look over the year it is amazing to see what God has done.  We started the year by adding a book club to our weekly events and although the event has changed from the original concept, several people have been reading quality Christian books that are stirring faith. We also started to record our sermons and post them online. Although I personally don’t feel like my preaching is worth hearing again we have had people listening from all over the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Bahamas, Singapore, and more. In fact in the last year 24 different countries have listened to the preaching and teaching from our little church. It serves as a reminder that we don’t always know or see the impact of what we are doing.
Some of the highlights from 2015 that I remember were the visit from Pastor Ron VanderHart who I sat under for many years growing up. Truly the longer I am in the ministry the more I see how his ministry has shaped mine more than anyone else’s.  Another highlight from the year was my opportunity to preach at Camp Grace for a week of junior camp. I had forgotten how much fun it could be to preach to juniors! I was also privileged to baptize a young teen from our church that trusted the Lord for salvation at camp. Not long after the camping season we had our first full week of evangelistic meetings since I have been here. Although there were many things going on that week it was neat to see God at work in the lives of many individuals.

Home for Christmas

As a family we have made it a habit to visit the Midwest every other year for Christmas. This year we did the same and enjoyed spending time in Minnesota and in Iowa. We were encouraged also to see the church families who have been praying for us and supporting us.  

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