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Miller Family Update for February

February 2015

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My wife and I went to a conference in Colorado this month and were surprised to see Chaplin Joe Willis. His daughter Christi was in college with Becca and I and we were very excited to see him as well as listen to him preach. It looks as if he may be able to pay us a visit this summer and present his ministry.


Book Club

Our book club has completed Pilgrim’s Progress this month and we are now beginning to read the second part where Christian’s wife Christiana goes on her own pilgrimage with the children. John Bunyan’s books are packed with references to Scripture and every page has some truth to be learned. It is our prayer that through the reading of these books we will be drawn closer to the Savior.


Interviews with Men worth ImitatingPreaching

I don’t normally write about what I have been preaching, however in January I began a series titled, “Interviews with Men Worth Imitating.” The only reason any of these men are worth imitating is because they were good imitators of Christ. We have looked at many of the Apostles and a few other figures in Scripture but a consistent thread has been the humility it takes to be a follower of Christ. If you had asked me if there would be a theme to the series beyond the character studies I would have told you no. But I have now seen that those men who are worth imitating are humble.

In today’s society self-promotion is common and to be humble is a sign of weakness. Men like Barnabas who trained Paul were willing to step to the side as their pupil took the center stage. Andrew, who was the first to be called by Christ, stood in the background as his brother Peter preached at Pentecost. I’ve been challenged as I prepare and preach to be humble and recognize that anything good in my life is because of Christ.

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Thanks so much for your prayers and support,

Jason, Becca, Elizabeth, Andrew, & John Miller

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