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Ministry update from October - December 2014


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A Familiar Face and Helping Handimage

This fall Cole Buchanan, who is from my home church Adelphi Calvary Baptist came down to visit us and brought a friend from college. We did not have a piano player that Sunday and His friend Joel was happy to fill in the gap and play piano for our services. Since then they have made several trips to join us as well as help out with various ministry activities.



imageWho is really a blessing?

At one point the back rooms of our church were where we lived as a family. Since we have moved out of the back of the church we have turned it into a prophet’s chamber. As missionaries schedule meetings I make sure to inform them that they can use the prophet’s chamber as long as they need. Several missionaries availed themselves of it, but I’m not sure who is getting the blessing. Glen and Sarah Swanson stayed there this fall for almost three weeks. They would travel to churches in the area then return to the prophet’s chamber and during the day Glen would make phone calls and schedule churches. However, while they were here we were able to do some extra soulwinning and projects around the church that couldn’t have been done without their help.



New Ministryimage

My eyes were opened to the need of a new ministry at our church. I had been preaching through the book of Esther and it was fresh and new for many who were listening. I received a few comments about the series such as, “We’ve never heard much about some of those Old Testament books and really like to hear these stories we have never heard before.” Another comment was, “I missed last Sunday, but I’m so glad you decided to preach something else last Sunday because I didn’t want to miss the next chapter of Esther.”

I decided that it was time to start recording sermons and make them available for those who are unable to make it to a service. We started recording in the month of December and have already had several requests for CDs. I pray that the Lord would use this ministry to strengthen the faith of our people.

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New Ministries on the Horizon

God often blesses faithfulness and I think we are beginning to see the fruit of being faithful. Several times in the last few months we have had about thirty people in attendance which has filled up what chairs we have. As a result we contacted Douglas Baptist Church to see if we could get a few more chairs. They happily brought us some more chairs that match what we already have but with the chairs they gave us a church van. For some time now we have considered starting a ministry to reach out to children. As we have dwelt on these things we were surprised to receive a church van to be used for that type of children’s ministry. Please pray as we put things together to reach out though this venue.


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