Monday, June 17, 2013

Marveling As We Move

Earlier I wrote a brief post about buying a house and preparing to move. We didn’t have much notice about the move and once we signed the papers we were told that the keys are on the counter. We signed the contract on Thursday and could begin moving as soon as possible. Bill Walker was coming with a backhoe to do some work at church Friday morning and I knew it would be a long weekend. I couldn’t see how I was going to get everything done. After Bill finished with the backhoe Dave Corneliussen Walked across the street toward me. I had never met him before and didn’t know him. He had parked across the street with his camper and told me that he had heard about us and was coming through the area helping out small churches. It wasn’t long before we struck up a bond and the whole family Dave, Chris, Even, and Savannah all jumped in helping us move and get many projects done around the church.

I can’t honestly say that I prayed for the Lord’s help for the weekend, but He answered my prayer before it was uttered. Lee and Cindy Griebe and Leroy Clark were planning on coming over on Friday to help clean the house so with many hands the work was made light. We are mostly moved in and about ready for our missions conference. With the Corneliussen family here to help we were even able to get some new laminate flooring in the dining room where the white carpet had been torn up by the previous renters dog. We owe a big thank you to the Corneliussen family and are praising God for his provision of much needed help.

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