Monday, June 4, 2012

Together At Last

A Divine Appointment

The library in town doesn’t open until 2 o’clock in the afternoon on Fridays. So I sat outside using the internet and was invited into the Senior Center for their lunch. I packed up my things and went inside and I was sure glad I did. I was introduced as the new pastor at Oregon Trail Baptist church and I was also able to meet many of the longstanding citizens here in Guernsey. Please pray that the Lord continues to give us connections into our community.

We were excited this week to vote a new family into our church membership. We had planned on voting them in sooner but because we were gone in Iowa so long they had to wait until we returned.

Back Together

Becca and the kids arrived on Friday afternoon last week. They arrived while I was in a back room at the library studying for Sunday. When Elizabeth came through the door I didn’t even recognize her. She had lost so much of the swelling in her face and arms as well as she had grown up a little bit. We enjoyed having Becca’s family here for the weekend.

2012-04-08 Elizabeth goes to the Hospital with Ecoli 6172012-04-08 Elizabeth goes to the Hospital with Ecoli 6252012-04-08 Elizabeth goes to the Hospital with Ecoli 628

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