Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Uganda Missions Trip

The Lord has opened the door for my family to go to Uganda this fall to work with Marvin and Jewel Wright.  We will be traveling with Samuel and Nicole Moss and their three children on our Trip.  We plan on leaving for Uganda on September  19th and returning on November 21st.

What Is The Purpose Of This Trip?

We believe that God has called our family to be missionaries on the foreign field. Although our long term vision and burden is to work in South-East Asia, God has for now closed that door.  We are trusting the Lord for this trip to do one of two things. We believe God will either use this trip to call us to Uganda to work for a period of time or he will use this trip to teach us many valuable lessons about missions and specifically orphange work. Please pray for us regarding the Lord's leading in our lives.

What Will We Do On This Trip?

Becca will be able to assist in teaching a couple of classes to the children as well as Sunday School. It is unclear right now what I will be doing. My plan is to assist the Wrights in any way possible. If this means assisting with the Bible College I will work there. If this means  assisting with the orphanage  I will be there. I simply want to work under the Wrights and be a servant to them and their ministry. I trust that if I make to my self available to be used of the Lord that He will teach me many great and wonderful things.

When Will We Go On This Trip?

At this point we are planning on leaving September 19th and returning on November 21st. Those dates are not set in stone because we have not purchased the tickets yet.  Please pray that the money will come in so we can get our tickets.

Who Is Sending Us Out?

At this point because this is simply a short term survey trip and we don't know for sure what the future holds for us we are not going through a missions board. Our Church, Adelphi Calvary Baptist Church, is sending us out for this trip. 

How Can You Pray For Us?

Please pray for...

  1. The Lord's leading for future ministry.
  2. Health and Safety while traveling and in Uganda.
  3. Physical strength
  4. Financial provision


Jason Miller said...

After posting this post I discovered though corresponding with the Wrights that I will be teaching Methods of Bible Study in their Bible institute. Please pray for me as I study and prepare to teach this course.

Jason Miller said...

For updates on our trip while we are in Uganda please check the home page of our blog.