Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's Next?

Now that we are home from the hospital with Elizabeth we have daily checkups with a nurse that comes to the house. We also have several doctors appointments scheduled for the next two weeks to keep track of her progress and ensure that she makes a full recovery. We are using this time to catch up on other things like dentist appointments and Andrew's yearly checkup. In the morning we will take Elizabeth back to the Hospital for some blood work and I will be at the dentist getting some fillings repaired.

Elizabeth is still taking blood pressure medicine and we are tracking her carbohydrate intake and blood sugar. She is very active but at the same time very weak. She now struggles to do things that before she did with ease like climbing steps and bending over to pick something up. With each day that passes and each activity she does she gets a little stronger. Her appetite is still very anemic but since we have come home she has begun to eat much more than she did in the hospital.

Depending on how things go I may be heading back to Wyoming at the beginning of next week and Becca and the kids will come out with her parents when they come out west for their vacation around Memorial Day but this is all up in the air at this point.

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