Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Week Of Blessings

2012-01-18 Last time at Southridge Mall and Trip to Wy 099

A Host Of Blessings

Since last Sunday a lot has happened and we can only praise the Lord. Many things have happened that we can give praise for but I will only mention two here. First, I needed to move the plug for the electric dryer and found that there was enough existing wire in the wall to put the outlet exactly where we needed it about 5-7 feet away. Second, we were able to attend a home missions conference at First Baptist Church of Englewood, CO this week. It was a wonderful conference with good preaching as well as we were sent home with around $2,000 for the needs of our church.

A New Family

On Friday we were invited to a Lee and Cindy’s home to roast some marshmallows with the kids. They live about thirty minutes from the church and are just moving back from the Denver area. They heard about our church through some of the pastors in the area and are excited about joining. Cindy attended Maranatha and play’s piano. She jumped right in and it was a blessing to have her play for us on Today.

Please also pray for Bob and Anastasia. They are a young family that we have had contact with. They are interested in coming to church so please pray that God will draw them to Himself and that He would give us the ability to reach out to them.

A Good Service

I was a little worried about time change Sunday so I planned on calling around to remind people. I discovered that there are no records of phone numbers or address here a the church. Services went like normal and no one was thrown for a loop by the time change. Our attendance today was 26 and with 17 adults and 9 children the auditorium was getting a little crowed. From our perspective that is a good problem to have.

A Test Of Faith

This week I was able to sit down and read through the mortgage that the church is currently paying on. Needless to say, we need the Lord’s leadership of what to do. I am praying that God uses our financial test of faith to grow our church spiritually.

A Word Of Thanks

We have received several letters and emails that have been a great encouragement. Thank you so much to those who are upholding us in their thoughts and prayers.

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