Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pictures From Uganda

Tonight we are staying at a home that has high speed internet... WOW... We also have electricity  and hot water! When we return home to the states I plan on reworking all of the posts I've sent so that they have pictures on our blog but for now I thought I could just post some pictures for all to enjoy.


MomLady said...

The pics are neat Jason! Thanks for sharing! Miss you all!!

Wendy D said...

Love the pictures Jason! I really love the one with Elizabeth looking out the window as you all are driving. A true classic to get blown up! I am so blessed to have joined you on this journey even though it is only by reading your posts. Both You and Rebecca look like you have found the right place (missions work) Keep following the Lord you both are inspirations to the rest of us! God Bless you and can't wait until you are safe back state side again (even for a short while)