Monday, January 13, 2014

On This Day…

✶ Torrential rain on January 13, 1856, kept missionary J. Hudson Taylor confined to a little boat during a preaching tour of China. His diary on that day reads, “The rain was so heavy all day that no one could leave the boats. Thus we enjoyed a delightful day of rest, such as we had not had for some time; and the weather prevented much inquiry being made for us. Had the day been fine we should most likely have been discovered, even if we had not left the boats. As it was, we were allowed to think in peace, and with wonder and gratitude, of the gracious dealings of our God, who had thus led us apart into “a desert place” to rest awhile.
✶ On this day in 1892, Amy Carmichael responded to God’s call to be a foreign missionary.
✶ On January 13, 1915, Mary Slessor passed away at age 66, following nearly 39 years of remarkable missionary service in Nigeria. Her last words were, “Do not weep, do not weep; the Lord is taking me home.”
Robert J. Morgan, Nelson’s Annual Preacher’s Sourcebook, 2002 Edition (Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2001), 10.

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