Friday, October 18, 2013

Ministry Update

Home Missions Conference

This last week we were with Pastor David Chavez  at Calvary Baptist Church in Thornton, CO. Pastor David Chavez invited us to come down and speak at their Home Missions Conference. We had a wonderful time at the conference and left very encouraged.

Missionaries Are Strange Folk

Many of you will find this humorous so I thought I would share. As we were preparing to go to Thornton, CO (near Denver, CO) for the Missions Conference we thought we should take our trailer so that on the way home we could stop in Cheyenne and pick up some supplies. Killing two birds with one stone seemed like a good idea to us; 2013-10-16 002however, after getting gas in Cheyenne we were getting back on the interstate and there was a toddler bed on the side of the entrance ramp. Since we had the trailer we stopped to pick it up, but because we were in a hurry we didn't have time to take it apart so we simply strapped it on the trailer.
With our car, trailer, and toddler bed we pulled into the parking lot of Calvary Baptist Church just about fifteen minutes before the service started. Afterward before we followed Pastor Chavez to his house he asked me if we had brought our own bed for the kids. I had to smile because the Pastor and his wife couldn't imagine why these strange missionaries would bring a toddler bed to a Home Missions Conference. I explained that we had picked it up on the side of the road on the way to the conference. I have a feeling that we will be remembered as "those missionaries who brought their own toddler bed."

Discouraging Moments

While we were at the Home Missions Conference I received some text messages from one of our families that informed me that they were switching churches. The switch is because the family has some extended family at another church in the area. We will deeply miss them.

Encouraging Moments

I was still feeling pretty sad about the news of a family leaving when we arrived back in Guernsey, but God is so good. Yesterday as I went to take care of some things in town God led me to two clearly divine appointments and I came home very encouraged about God's working. Please pray that God would open up the doors farther that He opened yesterday.

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