Friday, January 21, 2011

Art Thou Hung'ring for the Fulness

I came across this hymn while working on one of my graduate courses. The words were very gripping and I want to pass it along. Right now I have a friend putting the words to a new tune. If you would like to hear the former tune please visit ( I hope you receive a blessing from this hymn.

Art thou hung'ring for the fulness
Of the blessing Christ doth give?
Longing now to learn the secret
Of the life He bids thee live?
In His word thine answer standeth,
"Christ who is our Life" it saith;
Open now thy heart, and trust Him,
There to dwell, henceforth, by faith.

Christ, the Lord's Anointed, reigning
O'er the life He died to win,
Daily shall reveal more fully
His great power, without, within.
What thou never could'st accomplish
Shall His Spirit work through thee,
While thy soul this witness beareth,
'Tis not I, but Christ in me.

In Him dwelleth all God's fulness,
In Him thou art made complete;
Rise, and claim thy heavenly birthright,
Kneeling at thy Father's feet.
He will never disappoint thee,
Praise Him that the gift is thine;
Then go forth to live each moment
On sufficiency divine.

Lord, I come, and simply resting
On Thy faithful, changeless word,
I believe the blood doth cleanse me,
And that Christ is crowned Lord.
Grant henceforth a ceaseless outflow
Of Thy life and love through me;
Reaching those who sit in darkness,
Winning priceless souls to Thee.

Found in The Keswick Hymn-Book (Hymn #430).

Words by F. H. Allen
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